Couple H

“The way that Nicole interacted with us throughout the shoot was perfect.”

“This was quite the experience! My wife and I have done 5 photo shoots together or with our family over the past year and generally, I leave wondering “what just happened”. This feeling typically comes from the photographer being underprepared, with no gameplan, or lack of experience. Nicole was 100% opposite of all of these things. When I showed up, she had already gotten my wife all dolled up and looking hot. She laid the foundation for the shoot by explaining we would be doing 3 different outfit changes and would take about 2 hours total. The way that Nicole interacted with us throughout the shoot was perfect. She played light music throughout, and I never felt pressured, or uneasy about the entire opportunity. I felt completely comfortable the entire time. She made it more about the photoshoot, and gave my wife and I an opportunity to really enjoy the moment together. The reveal a few days later was incredible. When we got to her home, we got to look at a variety of different printed photos and it was a moment that I will never forget. I highly recommend Nicole!”

A couple days later we went and did the photo reveal. She had 30 photos of us up that she had edited and they were all put up on her display wall. Me and my husband were able to look at the pictures together and it was So amazing! I think everyone young, old, single, or married should get a photo shoot done with Nicole!