B Family

“Truly I have never had any pictures taken of us that brought out our good features like this. The eyes on all my kids!!!”

“They take my breath away. I’m fighting tears. I can’t tell you how priceless these are to me. You brought out all the beauty in all of us.”

“When I first saw the portraits that Nicole had taken my initial reaction was, “Can that really be me?” As a newly single mom, I’ve struggled with the idea of an unknown future, and my ability to take on new things I wasn’t prepared for. I didn’t feel strong and I didn’t feel beautiful. I just felt broken. I worried that my children were feeling the same. But Nicole has the gift to not only see the strength and beauty deep within us, but to capture it so that we can preserve it and then see it within ourselves.

I’m so grateful to have these portraits hanging in my home. To me they say 1000 words. We struggle with so much self-doubt and wonder if we are enough. But the truth is that we are so much stronger and greater than we realize. Especially when we band together to overcome whatever challenges come our way. These portraits represent that for me. They remind me that beauty can and will rise out of ashes. Life goes on—so let’s rise up to become who we were meant to be. Thank you so much for giving me a glimpse of beautiful days ahead for us.”