Meagan C.

“My experience taking photos with Nicole was one I will never forget!”

My experience taking photos with Nicole was one I will never forget! I am not the typical person that will doll myself up and have someone take photos of me. When the opportunity came I was nervous, self conscious and frankly…. a little anxious. It’s always been hard for me to look at pics of myself and be proud of them. But the minute I started my session with Nicole I felt such at ease. She asked me what I wanted for my photos, and the things I felt most comfortable in wearing. She was able to point out of strengths and pick wardrobe appropriately to flatter me. She showed me the colors that complimented me the best, and showed me how I could spruce up my outfits.

Then during the photo shoot she showed me how to position myself to get the best angle and look. She had a wide variety of backdrops and gave clear instructions to me so I could take the best picture. I was so impressed! Taking pictures like that is often uncomfortable for me, but Nicole was so easy going that she made the atmosphere fun and relaxing, even playing fun music in the background.

After the shoot I was o fcourse nervous to look at my photos. But when she sent me the photos, I was shocked that I looked so good. haha I almost got emotional seeing the results because I had never seen myself in that light before. I looked amazing! And what was great was that it was the real me. I am grateful or Nicole and what she did for me. The experience was great and I would highly recommend it to anyone!!!