Danielle S.

“Nicole turned some music on and guided me through the entire photoshoot. It was so much fun!”

“I was shocked with how large Nicole’s wardrobe is. She has so many options, styles and colors that are incredible. I wanted to take my outfits home. I loved her vision for all the looks. They were different, unique and amazing. Nicole tailored all the looks to my size and shape and they looked amazing on my body type. Including the style of my hair.

When I got in front of the camera, Nicole turned some music on and guided me through the entire photoshoot. I didn’t have to come up the poses and feel awkward. She knows exactly how to pose you. It made it extremely easy to be in front of the camera. The photoshoot moved quickly as we changed outfits and hairstyles to create completely unique looks. We even had wind blowing in my hair for several of the shots. I was extremely impressed with how knowledgable she is with the lighting and she was so detail oriented as she made small changes to make the outfit and me look the best.

I was so excited for the reveal. When I walked in and saw the photos it took me back to the day of the photoshoot. I was shocked by how incredible they looked. I love them. They are so pretty, different and awesome and they make me feel my best. It definitely boosted my self-esteem to have gorgeous photos like these!” -Danielle S..