Revealed in Magazine-Style Portraits

An Unforgettable Portrait Experience for the Everyday Woman

Yes, you deserve to step in front of the camera for this transformative, confidence-building experience

using fashion, hair and make-up styling to reveal your beautiful truth in portraits that will be forever cherished

The Consultation

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes

I’ll recommend stylish outfits for you from my HUGE studio wardrobe! We’ll break through previous notions of what you think you can and can’t wear or looks you can pull off. You’ll choose the 5 outfits you love most and feel most confident wearing.

The Photoshoot

A fun and glamorous experience

We’ll start with professional hair and make-up with styling of your choice to make sure you look as incredible as you’re going to feel. Then I will guide you through every pose and expression of your photoshoot making it fun and easy for you to naturally express your genuine personality.

The Reveal

Your beautiful truth in portraits

Prepare to be awestruck as you see yourself, like never before, in 30 magazine-style portraits professionally edited and displayed as 8×10’s in crisp white mats. Then you decide which portraits you love most and want to keep. It’s my job to make sure you love them all.

When I first saw my portraits I thought, “Can that really be me?”

“As a newly single mom, I didn’t feel strong or beautiful. I just felt broken. But Nicole has the gift to not only see the strength and beauty deep within us, but to capture it so we can see it within ourselves. We struggle with so much self-doubt and wonder if we are enough. My portraits remind me that beauty can and will rise out of ashes.” –Heather

The beautiful truth is…

you can and deserve to exist in portraits, exactly as you are today!

“But I’m not photogenic”

This is a myth and simply isn’t true! You are a unique beautiful creation and I will guide you through every pose and expression to look your best.

“What will I do with 30 portraits?”

When your children and grandchildren look for photos of you what will they find? I want to create the portraits you will be remembered in and that your loved ones will forever cherish! I have beautiful leather folio boxes to display and store your portraits as treasured family heirlooms. 

“I need to lose weight first”

No, you don’t 🙂 There is no perfect size! Your curves and your shape are part of what makes you uniquely beautiful. Using flattering positions and angles I can visually slim and enhance your best features.

An investment in your Personal Legacy

Your magazine-style photoshoot includes professional hair and make-up and access to my huge studio wardrobe. A sitting fee of $250 is required to book your photoshoot and portrait packages range from $1600–$4200.

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Watch Suzanne’s beautiful truth revealed…

before and after styling

Come With Me on a Journey to the Most Incredible Portraits You’ve Ever Seen of Yourself!

Erin’s Transformational Beauty Portrait Photoshoot

Erin shares her transformational experience throughout the consultation, photoshoot and reveal wall. Her children are grown and she is in a new phase of life searching for her developing identity and purpose.

Best Friends’ Transformational Beauty Portrait Photoshoot

Amanda has a 12% chance of surviving her stage 4 colon cancer longer than the next five years. But she believes in miracles and so do her four best friends. They got together for a Beauty Portrait Photoshoot to celebrate their friendship and to capture their special bond in photographs to be remembered forever.

Complimentary Body Shapes Guide

My 41-page guide explains the five body shapes and explains how universal design principles can be used to choose what to wear. It includes easy-to-understand sketches, suggested dress styles and sample portraits.