Mother & Daughter Photoshoot

An unforgettable fashion-magazine, model experience

Your All-Inclusive Beauty Makeover

Don’t worry about what to wear, how to do your hair and make-up or even how to pose. It’s all taken care of! Just relax and enjoy this incredible experience together!

the consultation

You will have access to my gorgeous studio wardrobe of over 600 dresses and outfits. We will design up to 5 perfect ensembles to best complement your styles and body types.

the photoshoot

You will be swept into hair & make-up with my professional stylists for your best looks. Then I will guide you through every pose and expression of your 2-3 hour photoshoot.

the reveal

Your professionally edited portraits will be printed and displayed in crisp white matts on my gallery wall for you to view. You get to choose which portraits you will forever cherish.

You have more worth & beauty than you realize..

It’s time to step in front of the camera and stand with confidence in who you are and the person everyone around you loves and cherishes. You are the result of your life’s experiences. Who you are today is perfect and complete. Yes, you are enough! And Yes, you are worthy of beautiful portraits. And I can’t wait to create them with you!

Design Your Contemporary Photoshoot

Help me get to know you a little better…

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    “This was an amazing experience as a Mom to have pictures taken with my two daughters.

    These pictures will always be a memory for me of a special time in life with them. I will cherish these pictures forever. It was amazing, I have no words for the feeling I had when I saw these pictures for the first time.”