Top 5 Reasons I Would Rather Get a Root Canal Than Do a Portrait Photoshoot

#1: I don’t know what to wear!

Do you dread accidentally wearing the wrong outfit, and having your portrait end up on the latest ‘’epic fail” compilation on Facebook? Do you have that one aunt who insists everyone wear matching denim shirts? And if you’re wondering of those pants make your butt look big, they probably do. I feel your pain, and I have a fun and stylish solution.


I have carefully crafted a photoshoot wardrobe of over 500 items including dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, shoes and jewelry from sizes 0-24. The collection also includes outfits for younger girls to coordinate with the women’s outfits. All you have to do is show up, and we will find several flattering outfits that reflect your unique style. I will even help you evaluate your body shape and explain the design principles that can help you flatter your figure.

#2: I don’t know how to do my hair & make-up for a photoshoot!

Once again, are you afraid your portrait will end up as the next humiliating viral sensation? Or are you afraid you’ll invest time and money on a photoshoot only to be sabotaged by a bad-hair day? Knowing the right amount of makeup to use can be tricky. And let’s face it— our hair does not always cooperate.


When you come in for your portrait photoshoot, I will have a professional hair and make-up artist ready to perform a miracle. All you have to do is show up with clean, dry hair and the artist will do their thing, and create the look you will be excited to be photographed in.

#3: I still have 20 pounds to lose!

Don’t we all! I know the feeling. A few, or maybe even a lot, of excess pounds around the middle or the thighs can cause anyone to want to run from a camera. Putting off a photoshoot to the safety of ‘someday’ is a whole lot easier than facing the reality that the pounds might be here to stay.


With a few simple techniques for shaping the body, I can instantly visually remove roughly 30 pounds from your figure in your photoshoot. And I’m not talking smoke and mirrors here! I’m talking about using easy angles and positions that naturally contour the body, working with the angles of the camera. It’s simple and the results are amazing and natural! Anyone who sees your portraits will simply see it as an amazing photo of you.

#4 I don’t know how to pose!

You may know how to spell and pronounce ‘photogenic’, but you’re certain you don’t possess it. As soon as you look into the seemingly infinite abyss of the camera lens, you suddenly can’t feel your face anymore. And one of life’s most awkward moments can be when a photographer lifts their camera to their eye and then says ‘say cheese’, expecting you to come up with some model-like pose that ends up resembling constipation, or a 6-year-old girl flaunting in front of a mirror.


A fully-guided portrait photoshoot means exactly that! You don’t have to be photogenic. It’s my job to easily and naturally direct you into the poses and positions that will best flatter your body and create the desired mood and body language. All you have to do is follow the sound of my voice and let your inner expressions come shining through! It will be fun and effortless, and you will be amazed at the results!

#5: It’s either too hot, too cold, too windy, too snowy or too rainy outside!

The only thing slightly less predictable than your mood leading up to a photoshoot is the weather. Your perfectly curled hair was completely rearranged by the wind. Your perfectly, straight-ironed hair just reverted back to frizz because of the humidity. Out of nowhere a haboob decides to blow in a wall of dust on the only evening you and the photographer were able to schedule a photoshoot. And scheduling a photoshoot for 5am in the morning to beat the heat doesn’t contribute to anyone’s good mood.


The weather is always perfect inside my portrait studio! We start shooting within minutes of when you come out of hair and make-up. Your hair looks perfect, your makeup doesn’t run and giant sweat stains don’t form under your arms. The bathroom and cold water are only a few steps away. And if your hair starts to wilt before the photoshoot is over, we can either alter the hair to a new style or pull out a curling iron and reset the hairdo. With a variety of backdrops, props and lighting techniques the options are endless for creating unique indoor studio portraits you will be proud to hang on the wall.